Tuesday 31 January 2012

Show What You Know Geography-Socials 8

This post is courtesy of Middle School Teacher Lindsay Anderson

Students had the choice to show their understanding of the geography unit by either writing a test (and creating study notes in class) or creating their own country which includes everything that we have learned (lat/long lines and coordinates, temperature, region, trading, landforms....)  Most students chose the map (although 3 students did choose the test).  The students showed everything that they needed to...they showed that they understood political boundaries (having the provinces separated), landforms (they have rivers, archipelagos, mountains...), lat/long lines, lat/long coordinates (they used their own lines to find the coordinates of their cities), trading/natural resources (students also had the option of orally presented me with some of this information). The students clearly showed me that they understood the learning outcomes of this unit.  Moreover, they personalized their map with names that come from their favorite video games and they were excited and motivated to work on the map because they had fun relating it to their interests.

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