Math on the Move (Math 9)
Students practice measurement using angles and shadows outside on a beautiful day. Key concepts in the curriculum are made active and relevant.

Picture This (Math 8)
Using digital cameras to allow students to find fractions in the world around them, and then to allow them to explain their understanding.  (photos)

Movement with Sticky Notes (Grade 8)
Lesson on Decimals and Percents. Movement is incorporated into the lesson to engage students in early morning classes.

Movement with Sticky Notes (Grade 7)
Students work in groups and use sticky notes to put fractions and decimals in the correct order.

Engagement through playing a game
Students work in teams and collaborate to solve problems as a group (video)

Christmas Toy Project (Part I)
Students learn and demonstrate concepts of surface area by designing and creating simple toys for needy children at Christmas (note: project also involves collaboration with senior woodworking students)

Christmas Toy Project (Part II)
Finished products and final reflection on the "real-world" connections made by the students during their unit on surface area. (video)

Hands-On Activity for learning about Ratios
Sitting on the floor and using mini-chocolate bars to learn rations and percents. (photos)

Assessment With Manipulatives
Using manipulatives during a quiz (video)

Linear Equations with Playdough Students use play dough to create physical representations of linear equations (Photo and video)

Different Ideas for the Pythagorean Theorum
Puzzles, Flying Kites and Sticky Notes...(photos)

Linear Equations Business Proposal
Students create a business proposal as a culminating activity for the unit. (photos and video)

Tetrahedral Kites
Building (and flying) kites to learn volume and surface area (photos)

Edible Rational Numbers
Making visible fractions with rice krispie squares and creating a giant number line as a class (photos and video)

A creative and thematic approach to a math unit on measurement using pumpkins.

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