Sunday 8 January 2012

Christmas Toy Project (Math 9) Part II

This 2011 “Maggie + Math Toy Project” was a great success on many levels! I am thankful for the support of others who stepped up to help my students complete the project.  Special thanks go to Mr. Brodt and the Senior Woodworking students, Mr. Gibson for donating the paint and brushes from the art department, Mr. Becker for being supportive and Mrs. Searcy for her positive encouragement and enthusiasm throughout the process and for helping to film and then doing all of the editing. As I reflect on the entire process wherein students achieved the prescribed learning outcomes for this unit while doing something commendable for others and the traditional classroom extended into the community, I cannot help but smile!  We proudly presented the toys, candy canes and food hamper to the Women’s Shelter on December 15, 2011.  It has been one of those memorable times as a teacher!  Congratulations students – well done!

(For a detailed explanation of the project see the "Part I" post below)

Courtesy of Melissa Berrisford

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