Sunday 8 January 2012

Christmas Toy Project (Math 9) Part I

Special Christmas Project (This post is from Melissa Berrisford)
Goal of Project:
  • To teach a mathematical concept through the design and construction of unique wooden toys to be given to families with young children for Christmas.
  • To make a real-life connection for the math students; learn surface area while doing something nice for someone else.
Who is involved?
  • It is a collaborative project that involves Mrs. Berrisford’s Math 9 students and some of Mr. Brodt’s senior Woodworking students.
Background information about the project:
  • I came up with the idea while I was planning the chapter one math unit. My initial goal was to incorporate an interesting, meaningful project tying in the concept of surface area. I used a mind map to explore possible project ideas. Then it came to me - the timing was perfect to tie in Christmas – my favourite holiday! Yippee. The project evolved from there…
The “math” involved (brief description):
  • Students used grid paper to design and label measurements (either to scale or using a scale factor). We also discussed imperial versus metric system.
  • Once the toys were made, the math students measured the actual dimensions using rulers and/or calipers.
  • The students then calculated the surface area of the composite figure (the toy). They also determined the cost of painting the toys.
Our class will also be adding dry food items and goodies to the Christmas baskets! I am excited for the completion of this special Christmas math project!

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