Tuesday 26 September 2017

LOOKING FORWARD: September 2017

This year in Through a Different Lens we are excited to be going deeper in our learning in SD67 and also broader by learning together with SD53, Outma Sqilix'w Cultural School in Penticton,  Sen'Pok'Chin School in Oliver, and some early learning educators.  In all of our projects we are continuing to look at ALL of our children and youth, with a focus on those that we are most curious about.

We continue to be so thankful for the support of the Vancouver Foundation.

We have four projects starting up this fall (with several more in the planning):

1.  INNOVATIVE SCHOOLS:  105 educators met last week in school teams to begin a 6 session inquiry looking at innovations they think would be good for their learners. Educators involved are from SD67, SD53 and Outma Sqilix'w Cultural School.  Examples of inquiry questions include outdoor learning, embedding Indigenous practices,  project based learning, team teaching, and place-conscious learning.

2.  INCLUSIVE PRACTICES: 75 educators will be involved in a 5 session inquiry in school teams to explore ways to create more inclusive classrooms and schools, think deeply about what they believe, and learn how to implement strategies that are good for ALL kids.

3.  CHANGING RESULTS FOR YOUNG CHILDREN:  SD67, SD53, Outma Sqilix'w Cultural School, Sen'Pok'Chin, and early childhood educators in a variety of settings will be part of a project sponsored by the Ministry of Education and the United Way of the Lower Mainland.   We will explore social emotional wellbeing for young children!

4.  MAKING LEARNING VISIBLE:   This project involves learning more about inquiry for young children, curiosity, democracy, the arts, and documenting children's growth as human beings.  We will be looking at the practices of Reggio Emilia in a variety of ways.  We have a school in Oliver and a school in Penticton that are going to consciously play with the ideas; as well we are offering after school sessions for all others interested.

Some of the people who are supporting our learning outside of our districts are Dr. Leyton Schnellert from UBCO, Shelley Moore, a consultant in Inclusive Education, Sharon Jeroski from Horizon Research, Maureen Dockendorf from the Ministry of Education - Early Childhood, Dr. Laurie Kocher from Capilano University, Kim Atkinson from the University of Victoria, and Dr. Kim Schonnert Reichl from UBC.  We are so grateful for their support and expertise in so many different areas.

We have some very diverse projects beginning but ALL have a strength based pedagogy, and all have similar goals: to make learning more accessible to ALL learners and to support ALL of our children and youth to see themselves as capable learners who have many strengths and many options in life.  Confident, engaged, empowered, strong and thoughtful citizens… ALL of them.