Elementary Lessons

Outdoor Adventures and "Doodling" in Science (Grade 4/5) 
Students learn elements of physics by observing a sledding activity outside and then illustrating their learning.

Scavenger Hunt (Language Arts 4/5)
Students begin a novel study unit on "The Breadwinner" with a multi-dimentional scavenger hunt designed to introduce them to the country of Afghanistan. The lesson incorporates movement, technology, various tactile activities and problem solving challenges. (Photos included)

Science Songs (Grades 4/5)
Students write and create actions to their own songs to help them remember key information in their unit on body systems. (Video Included)

Social Thinking Taught Through Visual Pictures (Grade 5)
Students use digital cameras to visualize and demonstrate the difference between "expected" and "unexpected" behaviours in various social situations. (Photos included)

Happy Math: Sidewalk Chalk (Grade 4/5)
Students take their math lesson outside and use sidewalk chalk to demonstrate their understanding of subtracting 3 and 4 digit numbers. (Photos Included)

Team Building With a People Machine (Grade 1/2)
Students work together and develop classroom community in a "Tribes" activity called a people machine. (Video Included)

Intergenerational Learning (Grade 1/2)
Students spend time with residents of a local extended care home creating powerful and memorable experiences for both the students and the seniors.

Referendum Surprise (Grade 4/5 Social Studies)
Students design and run a referendum based on changes they would like to see in their elementary school. The referendum includes campaign posters, commercials, polling stations and a final vote.

Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Government (Grade 4/5)
Similar to the "Science Songs" lesson-students re-write lyrics to "Head Shoulders, Knees and Toes" to remember specific information about the three levels of Canadian government.

Note Taking Walkabout (Grade 4/5)
Students take notes placed in various locations around the school which adds movement and engagment to an otherwise routine classroom activity.

Choice Power (Grade 4)
Students are given choice beyond just written response (such as a comic or diary) in a traditional reading comprehension activity. Results are positive!

What Would It Look Like To Be The Greatest Classroom In The World? (Grade 1/2)
Students discuss and role play what an ideal classroom would look like where everyone feels safe and respected. Performance standards for social responsibility are used to reflect.

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