Monday 24 June 2019


All of us around BC are starting to realize that we never really know what is going to transpire when Shelley comes knocking on our door!

This time in SD67, Shelley and two of our helping teachers, Janice Moase and Shona Becker, led two great days for educators. On Day 1 they planned with a group of intermediate teachers in the morning and taught the class in the afternoon, and on Day 2 they did some dreaming and planning around two kindergarten students who have complex needs.

Two things happened on Day 2 that were unexpected and quite delightful.  First, the mother of one of the kids spent the entire day with us.  She shared her ideas, knowledge and dreams with us, not just for her son but for all kids, the school community, and the larger community in which they live.

The second thing was at noon on Day 2, Shelley decided there was just enough time to do a podcast involving Suzanna (the mom), Janice Moase, and myself.  And so we did it.  The podcast is available with this link.  It is called "The Infrastructure of Inclusion".  Listening to a few Podcasts over the summer is a great way to spend some time!

How fortunate we are to work with educators in our district who are open and wanting to learn, parents who are knowledgeable, supportive and appreciative, and outside voices like Shelley to share and plan with us.

Great two days.

Blog by Judith King