Place-Conscious Learning Opportunities

Learning From The Knowledge Keepers 
A school focuses on learning through the local landscape with the guidance and support of local Indigenous knowledge keepers and other community experts. 

First Peoples Principles of Learning In Action
A video highlighting the First Peoples Principles of Learning being demonstrated in K-12 classrooms as well as a discussion of the origins of these Principles. 

Outdoor Explorations: Connections to Nature
A primary teacher decides to take her class outside for regular outdoor explorations.

5 Photo Stories
A language art class creates stories involving random props and a choice of outdoor settings.

Learning Outside the School
A middle school teacher incorporates service learning into her classroom through connections to community service and a seniors centre.

Provocations: Story Stones
A primary teacher uses story stones as a provocation to inspire creative storytelling and writing activities.

Where Art Meets Life: Connections With the Community
A senior art class designs an city-wide advertising campaign for a visiting Cirque du Soleil production.

Cross-Curricular Adventures
A combined lesson where a senior Adventure Tourism class designs an outdoor learning experience for a Grade 9 Social Studies class to help them learn about the fur trade.

Indigenous Perspectives: Where to Begin?
Tips for educators looking to increase Aboriginal content and perspectives in their classrooms.

Cross-District Pen-Pals
Students in FSL classes at different schools write to each other and share creative and fun challenges.

Creating for an Authentic Audience
Sr. Art students from all 3 district high schools have their work professionally displayed at the local art gallery.

B.C. Economy: Agriculture
Social Studies students tour a local winery to learn first hand about the agricultural sector of B.C.'s economy.

I Fought The Law and The Law Won
Students from district middle and high schools participate in mock trials facilitated by the Law Society of B.C. and hosted at the local law courts.

Fraction Smoothies with Seniors
Middle school students use their math skills to make muffins and smoothies that they then share with seniors at a nearby facility.

Community Teaching
Students in a high school FSL class teach local members of the community some phrases in French in an engaging way.

Math on the Move
Math 9 students study measurement and perspective in an outdoor environment.

Mini Field Trip (Language)
High school FSL students visit a local cafe to practice their oral language skills in an authentic environment.

Outdoor Adventures and Doodling in Science
Grade 4/5 students study and sketch elements of force and friction based on their experiences on a nearby sledding hill.

Picture This! 
Math 8 students find examples of fractions in the world around them by taking photos and creating fraction sentences.

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