Transforming Physical Space

Multiple Ways to Demonstrate Understanding in Senior Biology
Teaching and assessing complex topics in multiple ways.

When Art Meets Life: Connections with the Community
A senior art class designs an city-wide advertising campaign for a visiting Cirque du Soleil production.

Math on the Move (Math 9)
Students practice measurement using angles and shadows outside on a beautiful day. Key concepts in the curriculum are made active and relevant.

Using small sculptures in Comparative Civilizations 12
Students research Chinese characters to represent culture and history on their cell phones. and then construct small pinch tea cups out of clay. (photo)

Movement & Technology in Geography 12
Students use cameras to create visual images of concepts learned in class. (photos included)

Comic Life in Science 9
Students use cameras to take pictures and then create comics to demonstrate the safety rules for the lab. (video and photos included)

Play dough in high school social studies
Students use play dough to demonstrate understanding in grades 9-12 in a variety of lessons. (photos included)

Assessment with manipulatives in Math 9
Students use manipulatives to help them visualize concepts while they write a quiz. (video included)

Tableaus in Social Studies 9
Students create tableaus to demonstrate knowledge of historical events.

Window writers in Literature 12
Students work in groups and use window writers to summarize key events, themes, and symbols in King Lear.

Playdough in Spanish 9

Students use play dough in a game that is similar to dictionary.

Pirate Pack boats in Literature 12 Students record key information from a poem on pirate pack boats from White Spot (video included)

Using Playdough in Math 9 Students use play dough to physically represent linear equations (video included)

Impersonating Characters in English 9 Lit Circles Students chose key elements that represent characters from their lit circle novels and use them to create costumes that they wear around the school to promote their books. (photos included)

Edible Rational Numbers (math 9) 
Making fractions out of rice krispies and then placing the fractions along a giant number line (photos and video)

Whiteboards in Spanish
Whiteboards are used to create movement and dialogue in a Spanish classroom (photos and video)

Using personal devices to demontrate understanding (Law)
Students use personal devices to demonstrate understanding of terms in Law class. (photos)

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