Monday 7 March 2016

SD67 Maker Day

So many things about Maker Day connect with Through a Different Lens – hands on learning, creativity, group work or individual work if you so choose, expression of your thinking, no right answer, problem solving, … fun.

Thirty adults took on a challenge for the afternoon.  An hour and a half went by and none of us were ready to stop.  No one had left early.  There were no behavior issues!  ☺ Everyone was on task and it was a sunny, Friday afternoon.  

There was conversation, problem solving, taping, cutting, inventing, spilling, dropping, encouraging, frustration, sighing, laughing, and really every conversation I heard was on the task at hand.  Even the two of us that thought we would just observe were drawn in to working with a team – suggesting and then eventually making too.

Time, slope, friction, a problem with multiple solutions, group work, communication, critical and creative thinking, social responsibility all woven into one activity.  So many ways to LEARN.  

Content is the vehicle; the competencies are the destination.

Watch Trevor Knowlton's video for a better look:

Thursday 3 March 2016

Aboriginal Book and Video Gathering

We have continued with our Aboriginal Book and Video Gatherings this year.  In October we met to discuss the book "April Raintree".  We were so fortunate to have one of our staff talk about her life and relate it to the novel.  In February, thirty of us gathered at Theos to discuss Wab Kinew's Book "The Reason You Walk" and Wab Rice's book "Legacy".  We watched a CBC interview with Wab Rice and a youtube video of Wab Kinew talking about growing up with his father "Surviving the Survivor".  

Our next book is "Birdie" which is one of the 2016 Canada Reads Books.  It is being defended by Bruce Poon Tip.  We would love to have you read the book and join us on April 6.

One of the goals of our Aboriginal Education Enhancement Agreement is "to raise awareness and understanding of Aboriginal history, traditions, and culture for all students and staff in the Okanagan Skaha School District".

The Aboriginal Book and Video Gatherings help us with this goal.  We gather to talk about history and culture that many of us are unfamiliar with.  The book club is a safe place for important conversations.

Everyone is welcome to attend.
You can order a book through Hooked on Books to support a local small bookstore, or pick up a copy at Coles.