Thursday 21 December 2017

T'was the week before Christmas: Science Immersion

This blog is written by a grade 1/2 teacher who continuously looks at ways to open up new opportunities for her children to learn.  She loves to pique their curiosity.  This year, she is pairing up with a secondary teacher for a number of different adventures.  Here is one.

We hope you enjoy this Christmas Science Blog… and that you have a wonderful holiday.

T'was the week before Christmas
and all through the school,
The teachers and students were forgetting the rules. 
The kids were quite hyper and completely strung out,
In classrooms and hallways they were shouting it out.
And so … What better time to have an excursion?
Let’s walk to Pen High and have science immersion!

The children got nestled all snug in their jackets,
With visions of science experiment rackets.
And me in my mittens, my toque, and my boots
Met up with Mrs. Dietrich … as we’re in cahoots!

Now what should greet us when we came up the stairs?
But five different stations, and smoke in the air!
Station one had some borax and even some glue,
The children were wondering what they should do!

Next were the candles that somehow should float,
And lighting up matches for our new candle boats!
And some of the kids had fun with the milk,
When dish soap made colors psych-edel-ic!

Burners were risky, but with big kids great help,
Our hair and our eyebrows never quite smelt!
Ion sticks made flames some holiday colours
While small smiling faces turned to show others.

Hydrogen popper were scary and fun, 
The kids watched the bubbles and used fire when done.
The pop was so loud. . . it made many squeal.
To see science work was really surreal.

And when we were finished; our thankyous all said,
We walked back to school; kids ready for bed.
And after this trip was all said and done…
We knew science was cool . . . and learning was fun!

Merry Christmas to our big buddies.

Blog post by Nicola Korvin