Thursday 29 November 2018

Inclusion: 5 Moore Minutes

We have been so fortunate to have Shelley Moore work in our district the past few years.  She will be with us again in the new year supporting educators that are wanting to explore their practice in inclusion more deeply.  When Shelley comes to our district she usually does an after school session with dinner, and co-plans and co-teaches with a teacher during the day.  Other teachers gather to be a part of both the planning and the teaching.

This year, Janice Moase and Shona Becker, helping teachers, are leading a district inquiry on Inclusion.  At their last session they showed one of the "5 Moore Minutes" and had the group "think and wonder" about the video.

Here is an outline of what Shelley has created that can be used at staff meetings or during inquiry gatherings.

TADL and Five Moore Minutes!

Inspired by a little bowling video...Five Moore Minutes is a website with videos dedicated to empowering schools and classrooms to support ALL Learners! A perfect fit for our ongoing work connected to Through a Different Lens!

Created by Shelley Moore, Five Moore Minutes is designed with teacher teams in mind. As educators, we don't always have a lot of time, so this website and video series offers resources, research, professional development activities and inspiration in manageable chunks over time. It is great inclusive content that can be woven into ongoing TADL inquires targeting students in SD 67 classrooms!

Season one of Five Moore Minutes will share monthly themed videos October through June. A new video episode will be released the first Monday of the month, and each episode will connect with one or more guiding questions of inclusion:

What is inclusion?

Who are our learners?

What are the goals?

How can we teach ALL leaners?

How can we support ALL learners?

How can we assess and celebrate progress?

Following each video episode, supplementary content will be released following this content schedule:

Week 1 – Monthly Inclusive Themed Video (available on YouTube channel)
Week 2 - Podcast: Interviews & Conversations (available on iTunes, Podbean, Spotify or YouTube channel)
Week 3 – Inclusive Video Strategy (available on YouTube channel)
Week 4 - Podcast: Stories from YOU! (available on iTunes, Podbean, Spotify or YouTube channel)
The website will also link discussion questions, scripts, research & resources.

It is a one stop pro d shop for today's busy teachers! What to learn more? Click here to watch the project's video introduction!