Tuesday 11 June 2013

Virtual Confederation Conference (French Immersion Social Studies)

Socials 10 Chapter 2: Canada 1840-1870 (Confederation). The level of French in the textbook is too difficult for my students and they struggle with tests but also with group projects and presentations. So I decided to try creating a social website wherein each would take on the role of a historical figure involved in Confederation. Their contributions to the site would then count as a unit project rather than a test.

We're not quite finished yet but so far the feedback has been very positive and I've only had to erase one post in English! Each student has posted a profile of their person, added a topic to the discussion board and have started expressing the opinions and reasons of their character on the discussions. Without prompting several students have added content such a photos, a video, events and groups. Although it's not part of the evaluation criteria they love using the instant chat function and most of that is even on topic.

Other ideas for a social website: Digestive system (each student takes on the role of a different organ), Francophone countries, or countries in one of the World Wars, citizens in New France, characters from a novel study....
I'm using "Ning.com", Students do have to put in an e-mail address but beyond that is secure and ad-free. Comes all set-up and easy to re-format. One month free trial. And best of all in my opinion - French interface!

Post courtesy of Denise Lipscombe 

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