Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Archaeology (Socials 7)

The topic of the lesson was to investigate the 5 different scientific methods used by archaeologists.  

I separated the class into small groups and gave each group a "mini-dig site".  Essentially these were shoe boxes filled with sand and shards of pottery.  To create each "mini-site" I wrote one of the scientific techniques (i.e.: Statistical Analysis, like the picture to the left) on an old pot, smashed it in a paper bag and poured the shards into a shoe box.

After students worked together in their groups to figure out what the words said, they had to research each technique and present their findings to the class.

This was one of the coolest lessons this year.  The questions and discussion that emerged from actually "being archaeologists" was definitely interesting. 

Post courtesy of Nick Korvin 

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