Sunday 26 May 2013

Simple Machines Scavenger Hunt (Grade 4/5)

After having lessons on the six simple machines, my teaching partner and I wanted the kids to expand their understanding from the examples we had in class.  We made them a table with a row for each machine and one for compound machines.  They were to list examples they saw in their environment.  We gave them some time in the class then walked them around the school and went outside to the playground. Finally, we went for a walk around the neighbourhood.  They were observing, questioning, debating and noticing more things than I'd have imagined!  It was quick and simple and they always enjoy being outside.  Today we went to the S.S. Sicamous and students were noticing simple machines around the boat.  It reminds me how great it is when we can get them out of the class to apply their learning.  Just a little shift in how they see things.

Post courtesy of Judy Schneider

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