Friday 17 February 2012

Decimals and Fractions with Sticky Notes-Math 7

Sticky Notes - ( Math 7, Chapter 3- Decimals and Fractions) THANKS to PAM RUTTEN for the idea!

I teach 2 different Math 7 classes so I was able to try  this activity a few times.  I decided to use this activity as a Pre-Lesson and Post-Lesson.  This is what I did:

For an introduction into strategies that kids could use for ordering decimals and fractions from least to greatest, I let them get into groups of their choice ( about 3-4 kids).  I handed each group sticky notes and a piece of paper that had 4 groups of numbers.  Each groups was a combination of  10 fractions and decimals. 

  • I made the first group very simple, all fractions with an obvious common denominator of 100.  
  • The second groups was more challenging as half of them were decimals (still common denominator of 100).  
  • The third group a combination of decimals and fractions with a more challenging common denominator, 40.  
  • The fourth group had no obvious common denominator but I let them use a calculator and most of them discovered the easiest way to order them was to change them to decimals.
After the activity the kids really wanted to do it again and they asked all week.  

After we had a few lessons on varies strategies, including benchmarks and number lines, we did the activity again with new, more challenging groups of number.  This time I also asked those students who felt very comfortable with ordering fractions and decimals to come to the front of the class.  I than made groups ensuring that their was an "Expert" in each group to help the other out.  Again this worked really well and the kids were really on task, better than the first time.

This post is courtesy of middle school teacher Lindsay Guza

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