Tuesday 7 February 2012

Comic Life-Science 9

Instead of starting the semester with the usual bookwork about safety rules in the science lab, this teacher decided to try the software program "comic life" to add a little life into the learning objectives. Students were divided into pairs and given two safety rules which they they had to demonstrate in comic form. The most effective way to capture most of the lab rules (of course) involved breaking them. Students were required to sketch their scene first before they were allowed to take pictures. Many props such as lab coats, goggles, food colouring, flasks and test tubes, as well as construction paper and felts were provided to add to the authenticity of the photos. Students were focused and engaged for the photo taking class, as well as the class spent in the computer lab designing the finished comics. Students later presented their comics to the rest of the class by projecting them on the overhead.

Example of a finished comic

Sheet students filled out before they took their photos

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