Tuesday 11 April 2017

The Power of a Problem

Teacher comments included:
- The biggest factor that led to rebellion in upper Canada was land, so students showed that land was taken by the clergy and the crown. Often they used the symbol of a crown or a cross. In Lower Canada, the fact that the British controlled the French majority was an issue. Students showed this with many blue pipe cleaners being lorded over by red pipe cleaners.   
- The boat represented the concept of the journey of immigrants. It was long and dangerous, but led them to the promised lands.  
- One student used a castle to represent the iron rule of Britain and it had a moat and drawbridge which the student explained were obstacles to the French Canadians who wanted to metaphorically storm the castle and rule themselves through representative self-government.

Students explained that by having to create visuals and explain them, they came to a deeper understanding.

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