Monday, 7 March 2016

SD67 Maker Day

So many things about Maker Day connect with Through a Different Lens – hands on learning, creativity, group work or individual work if you so choose, expression of your thinking, no right answer, problem solving, … fun.

Thirty adults took on a challenge for the afternoon.  An hour and a half went by and none of us were ready to stop.  No one had left early.  There were no behavior issues!  ☺ Everyone was on task and it was a sunny, Friday afternoon.  

There was conversation, problem solving, taping, cutting, inventing, spilling, dropping, encouraging, frustration, sighing, laughing, and really every conversation I heard was on the task at hand.  Even the two of us that thought we would just observe were drawn in to working with a team – suggesting and then eventually making too.

Time, slope, friction, a problem with multiple solutions, group work, communication, critical and creative thinking, social responsibility all woven into one activity.  So many ways to LEARN.  

Content is the vehicle; the competencies are the destination.

Watch Trevor Knowlton's video for a better look:

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