Sunday 8 June 2014

Scavenger Hunt For Notes

I decided to try something different for the Short Stories unit in English 8.  The goal was to learn the important vocabulary for the unit.  Instead of having the students copy out the definitions from the projector, I posted the definitions around the classroom.  Students had sheets containing only some of the definitions and the objective was to get them up and moving around in order to find the definitions and copy them down onto their sheets.

My quieter class was a bit slow to start; they looked for the definitions closest to their seats so they wouldn't have to move!  They quickly realized that they would have to move in order to find ALL of the definitions!  They did, and they were all engaged. 

My louder and more rambunctious class was up and moving as soon as I said "go"!  I thought it would be a complete gong show BUT they were quieter than ever and completely engaged in the activity!  I will have to make sure I incorporate more of these types of activities in English this year for this class!

Post courtesy of Lauren Vallis

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