Monday 11 February 2013

Sharing Creative Resources

French teachers Lindsay Anderson and Marcus Krieger have both recently tried a new resource (Rage Comics) in their classrooms. Lindsay's student accessed an app on his phone, and Marcus used the web-based program as an option for his entire class (after learning about it during a sharing session with Lindsay) Their respective posts are below:

Lindsay: I have always seen these little comics on my cell phone (funny picture app called "Rage Comics").  This student handed an assignment in by using a program that uses the funny picture app template!  He had fun making it, and everyone wanted to see it because they recognized the pictures.
The original assignment was to draw, use the computer, or act out a skit for the vocab. He came up with the idea on his own.

Marcus: My French 9 classes were in the library and computer lab last week creating a story. Students had the option of creating a comic strip (by hand or by using Comic Life or - which creates a comic with "rage" characters), a children's book, a storyboard, a poster, or a Power Point among other options.  The purpose of the project was to use their knowledge of French verb conjugations and vocab to write a story that flowed and (sort-of) made sense. We had brainstormed ideas and everyone had some (or all) sentences written out before heading to the library.

The majority of students chose to either draw cartoons/storyboards or use ragemaker to create comic strips. One student used ragemaker to make a children's book. 

Here is one student's comic strip as an example of what can be done using ragemaker. 

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