Thursday 17 January 2013

25 Year Reunion- Psychology 12

In my developmental Psych unit, I decided to try something different for teaching the Middle Adulthood section. I had students complete a timeline exercise (to realistically predict their future), then had them find age 43 on their timelines. They had to calculate the ages of their children, determine where they were living, their careers at the time, etc. when they would be 43 years old. For our next assignment, they had to bring themselves to life at age 43 at our "25 Year High School Reunion". We had food, and music, and they had to dress and play the part of themselves at age 43 while mingling with their classmates (25 years later). The entire class participated fully and had a lot of fun playing their part in the assignment. This interactive assignment was a great way for all of my students to learn about life in middle adulthood while having fun at the same time!

Post courtesy of Dana Kocsis

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