Friday, 4 May 2012

Coat of Arms T-Shirts-Socials 8

As part of the medieval unit, this lesson was on heraldry.  Students learned that knights originally started having coats of arms on their armour so that they could tell who was an enemy and who was a friend on the battlefield.  Different animals, colours, and other symbols were used to reflect family values.  Students created their own coat of arms design that reflected their own personal and family values.  Many students ended up having conversations with parents and grandparents about the project, and a number of students wrote their personal motto in a grandparent's language of origin. They used the medieval colours, animals, and symbols as a guide, but were also able to use modern day symbols.  Students then had their designs pressed onto t-shirts.  They got to be like knights, wearing their own values, setting themselves apart in the classroom. The students did an incredible jobs on their shirts, and there were so many artistic students.  The students were completely focused on their projects and you can tell how much care and detail they put into them. Not a single student missed the deadline for getting their t-shirts pressed. Once they were wearing their shirts they explained what each symbol on their shirt represented. 

Post Courtesy of Lindsay Anderson

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