Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Socials 10

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Due to the shortened weeks and a couple of family life classes I had not seen my grade 10 class for three classes - which translated into almost a full two weeks. In addition, the class was the first block of the day so I figured I needed to do something a bit active and interactive. Each student was given a list of key terms (in the middle of the paper) with the three complaints / themes in half circles. They were to colour each theme differently and then link the terms to a corresponding theme. SEE VIDEO ABOVE

For a morning class of 15/16 year olds and a topic (rebellion of Upper Canada) that is not the most exciting (one might relate it to rational numbers in math) they were all engaged and interacting with each other. It was interesting how each student choose to connect the terms (by colour or lines) as well as, how and when they realized there was an overlap in many of the terms (ie they linked to different themes).

As a class we then placed the terms on the board (SEE VIDEO BELOW) and discussed how many of them overlapped.

The class had movement (while sitting and moving to the board), there was elements of individual and class discussion. I am not too sure if this will improve their grade, however, the engagement factor was at a high level and I believe they were showing a better understanding of the complaints the lower class of upper canada had prior to the Upper Canada Rebellion.

The next step will be to take these terms and add images to them. Have them create their own chart of complaints in the appropriate theme. This will be done using a Venn Diagram (yeah math). It will culminate to a written paragraph identifying the main complaints.

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