Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Note Taking Walkabout (Grade 4/5)

This post courtesy of  Kent Percevault

Note Taking Walkabout (Three Levels of Government)

Students were raring to go on the note taking walkabout.  About 30 different little chunks of notes were taped up in the gym, halls, library and students had a scavenger hunt to find them and write them down in the category they believed they fit best (municipal, provincial, federal).  Engagement was high, students were discussing each piece of text they found, all students were on task.  Reluctant writers and/or at risk students got a lot written, it was clear that adding the physical movement with the social small group discussion aspect had the students much more enthused about what was essentially copying down notes.  Judy and I got some good video of the students at work during the activity.  Will be interesting to see tomorrow what understanding and retention the students have of the content.

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