Monday 30 January 2012

More Success! English 8

This post is courtesy of middle school teacher Lauren Vallis.

Last week I tried another new activity with my class.  I had them reflect on the poem from The Outsiders, but I did this by having 3 stations: window writers (my favorite!), graffiti, and chalkboard writing.  Everyone was extremely engaged!  They absolutely loved it!  It seemed that most of them understood the essence of the poem as well.  John, a reluctant writer (not his real name) was on the window writers station and he was right in there with the rest of them, putting ideas on the window.  I'm going to try this again soon; I'd like to see more ideas next time.  I think they were so excited by the novelty of the activity that that's what they were thinking about more than the reflection question!

Earlier last week I also had vocabulary words with definitions all around the room (I had each student stick one word and definition anywhere they wanted in the room).  They had to gather these in order to complete a crossword for The Outsiders.  Again, John was actively participating!  One other student I am concerned about did not participate, so I have to figure out why and what to do next. 

(I have videos of these activities that I will post as soon as I've got the technology issue figured out.)

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