Thursday 3 November 2011

Cameras In Class

We are on day 3 of "King Lear". I may have resigned myself to the fact that this class will never enjoy sitting still while I personally try to explain ANYTHING to them. However, as soon as I ask them to get up and participate in an activity the results are great. We are about a fifth of the way through the play and the kids need to start reflecting on certain key ideas that are starting to show up. I decided to break the class into groups of three and give them a "big idea" to track (betrayal, loyalty, blindness, disguise). The students wrote down examples of these themes in the play and characters who have demonstrated them (I have done this many times in the past). Today I added the extra step of having the kids choose one partner to pose as a character and write out one thing the character did that linked to a "big idea". The students took most of the pictures with my camera and a few kids used their cell phones and then emailed the pictures to me. I'll put a little slide show together for them tomorrow as a review. (Note: the written notes are from a student that usually disengages in any form of written activity, but in this case he had group members to support him and he liked the photo activity that came after).

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