Thursday 31 January 2019

Image of the Child: Resilience

Over the past few years a number of primary teachers in SD67 and SD53 have been exploring the benefits of outdoor learning with their children.  They have been looking at the effects on well-being, regulation, motivation, curiosity, culture, play . . . .  In addition to outdoor learning, many of the same teachers have been looking at their practice through inquiry: "What are the assumptions I bring to teaching?" "How do those assumptions effect my view of the child?"  "What is my image of the child?" "Do I really see them as capable and competent?"

There is so much joy in the discovery of yourself as a teacher.  Nicola Korvin is a great example of a teacher who is not afraid to look at herself, laugh, and share what she discovers.  She is constantly asking herself why she does what she does, and why she looks at children in certain ways; challenging herself to see them as protagonists of their own learning.

 Here is one of the documentations she sent home to the parents about her learning about her children's resilience.

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