Sunday, 26 January 2014

Developing a Framework for Inclusion Within Math 8

This year I have the opportunity to work with Pam Rutten in her Math 8 class.  The focus of this co-teaching is to attempt to provide access to the curriculum for all learners with a specific focus on "grey area" students.

Pam and I have jumped in to this experience wholeheartedly using a predominantly 'organic' approach.  Having a trusting and cooperative professional relationship is really the core of our approach thus far.  So far, Pam and I have co-planned, shared philosophical and technical teaching ideas.  Moving forward our goal is to spend more time 'structuring' our co-teaching time with student achievement in mind.

These are a few examples of what you would see if you wandered into Pam's class during our co-teaching time:

  • Readiness Level Small Group Instruction
  • Team Teaching (Pam and I teaching the same concept together.)
  • Examples of different approaches (Pam teaching examples of how to add fractions followed by a demonstration of manipulatives from me)

We are in our fledgling phase of this process and I hope to add more ideas to this blog as we learn together.

Post courtesy of Nick Korvin

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  1. I am very pleased to see that you and Pam have taken this approach. You have established your intention and over time your working relationship with evolve to include some great lessons for your students. I appreciate you using the term "organic." There is no one way or right way, just a better way to provide opportunities for student learning. Please keep posting on this collaboration, it might encourage others to take the same risk.