Sunday, 1 September 2013

Getting to Know You (Student Surveys)

As another year begins and our new students enter our classrooms, children and adults alike are faced with excited anticipation. A quick option for the first few days of class is to give students a survey to help determine some information about individual kids. Teachers often focus on outlining their expectations for the course but don't always appreciate the advantages of considering the perspectives of their students. Often there is no time for individual conversations with every student (especially in that first week). A short survey can provide a small window into how a student is feeling about your course, and what types of activities or environments might help them succeed. Online software such as survey monkey is free and easy to use (and can give you quick feedback about overall trends in your class), or you can simply type up some questions, and have students answer them by hand. Whatever method you choose, an initial survey can provide insight into what might work best for your students, and it sends the message that you are interested in working with them towards their success in your classroom. Click here for a sample survey. This one is targeted at a high school class, so the language and questions would obviously have to be adjusted for younger grades or for different subject areas.

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