Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Picture This! (Math 8)

As an introduction and review to our Grade 8 fraction unit, I thought that I would try to get the students to see the fractions all around them.  They had to work in groups of four to go around the school grounds and take photos of six different fractions.  The photos needed to show a visual of a fraction that could be reduced.  The students then loaded their photo onto the computer and wrote a "fraction sentence" describing the photo.

The students' fraction sentence for the photo above is:

"Two sixths swings are being used. This can be reduced, or another perspective is that one third of the sections of swings is being used."

This was a very quick and easy intro and reminder to the grade 8's about what a fraction is and how to reduce a fraction.  We spent the following day look at everyone's photos and then they had to guess what the fraction sentence was.  This was met with lots of giggles and laughter in class (which is always great to see in Math), but it was wonderful to see how many different fraction sentences students came up with, and the different perspectives you could take on one photo.

What is your fraction sentence for this photo?

This post is courtesy of Shona Becker.

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